Important features, benefits and strengths of the TUFFGARD helmet design

Helmet Options:
  • ABS helmets provide high impact resistance and are ideal for most applications where head protection is required.
  • Polycarbonate helmets combine high impact resistance with the ability to withstand very high temperatures and are ideal for use in foundries and smelters.
  • Non vented versions are suitable for most applications and use in areas where dust ingress to the upper head needs to be minimised.
  • Vented versions are ideal for those working in warm climates where the venting enables improved airflow around the head thus improving comfort.
Attachment Fitment:
  • SSA helmets are designed to accept 25-30mm insert attachments.
Cradle Options:
  • Poly harness provides a durable easy to adjust option. This is the lowest cost option.
  • Fabric webbed harness provides better airflow around the head for improved comfort.
  • Adjustable harnesses (50 - 66cm) ensures a comfortable fit.
Pad Printing:
  • SSA utilises "state of the art" pad printing technology capable of printing up to five colours.
  • helmets are designed with eight surface areas to accommodate corporate branding.
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Download Brochure

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Wide range of colours - Logo Printing available in up to 8 locations on the helmet