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The Cap Grip is a patented product Patent Number 2010101220.  The Cap Grip is manufactured in Australia by Sureguard Safety.  The Cap grip will hold the following popular brands and styles:

  • Sureguard’s – Tuffgard and Clearview Range
  • Honeywell – Entire range
  • Unisafe – Unilite Range – TA550, TA560, TA570, TA580
  • MSA – V Gard Range
  • Paramount’s – HH6 Range
  • Contains high performance magnets for attaching to metal surfaces plus screws to attach to timber and plaster board surfaces
  • Inbuilt safety glasses holder
  • Suitable for most standard type hard hats
  • UV Stabilised for outdoor use

Practical use and place applications: Mines, Trucks, Offices, Work Utes, Forklifts, Factories, Site Sheds

Can be used for the following:

  • Fire Wardens
  • Visitors
  • Sub Contractors
  • Officials

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step: 1 Mount the Cap Grip to the storage area using the inbuilt magnets or supplied mounting screws.

Step: 2 Holding the cap (peak pointing down), place the peak of the cap in to the bottom of the Cap Grip holder.

Step: 3 Push the rear of the cap back until it clicks into place.

The cap can be removed by pushing down on the locking clip and pulling the cap forward.

cap grip Magnetic fix
cap grip Magnetic fix
cap grip Magnetic fix

WARNING: Do not place magnetised attachment near windscreen. Object may become a projectile in the event of an accident

Cap Grip Range

Cap Grip Thumb
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