Sureguard's pad print division

Sureguard’s pad print division can provide pad printing and screen printing. We not only print on hard hats in up to eight locations and up to six colours, we can also pad print or screen print on all types of safety and promotional products. These include glove clips, safety specs, ear muffs, road cones, water coolers to name a few.

Pad printed TUFFGARD HAT

Pad Printing

  • SSA utilises “state of the art” pad printing technology capable of printing up to five colours.
  • helmets are designed with eight surface areas to accommodate corporate branding.
Pad Print Positions

Image Sizing: When planning your printing onto helmets, the following sizes are the maximum recommended sizes for images to be printed.

  1. Front Centre 70mm (W) x 50mm (H)
  2. Backt Centre 50mm (W) x 50mm (H)
  3. Sides – 70mm (W) x 40mm (H)
  4. Front or Back at 45° – 40mm (W) x 40mm (H)

Sureguard has the capability to print on your promotional products eg. pens, glasswear, mugs, the list is endless. If you have specific promotional printing requirements, please contact our office for a quote.

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