Sureguard Safety Australia launches Tuffguard Broad brim Hard hat

Sureguard Safety Australia recently launched the new Tuffguard Broadbrim and Clearview Broadbrim Hard hat into the Australian market.

The new innovative design with cap attachable ear muff capabilities and enhanced UV protection due to the larger brim has been welcomed with good initial sales.

The early feedback from customers has been encouraging. Our customers are from a broad range (no pun intented) of industries across the market including construction, mining and transport.  Our customers love the fact that the Tuffgard and Clearview Broadbrim Hard Hats are the only 100% Aussie owned, designed and manufactured Hard Hat in Australia.

The new TUFFGARD Broadbrim has been designed with the Australian harsh conditions in mind. The wider brim gives greater UV protection than other wide brim hard hats on the market. The unique brim slide outs allow access for cap adaptable ear muffs which is not available on any other broad brim hard hat on the Australian market.

The new TUFFGARD and CLEARVIEW Broadbrim hard hats are manufactured in both ABS or Polycarbonate (Type 1 or Type 2) with vented and non-vented option available.  Hard hats are fitted with a 6  point web harness with ratchet adjustment as standard. The extensive colour range covers all choices in both solid and Clearview colours. Sureguard is looking forward to a bright future for the new TUFFGARD /CLEARVIEW Broadbrim.

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